PDMS [Pipeline Damage Monitoring System] collects data acquired by installing sensors in pipelines, analyzes the signals based on information transmitted to the server in real time to ensure the management, monitoring and control of the pipeline, It detects various electric signals that are generated during arc welding on piping for tackle attempt. It collects these signals and transmits them to a central server through sensors with wireless communication such as NB-IoT, Sub-1GHz and etc. It is a management and monitoring system.

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-LG & Oil pipeline improvement Server Screen shot

PDMS [Pipeline Damage Monitoring System] technology

  • Detected through an algorithm that patterns the kinds of signals generated when arc welding.

  • Combines IoT technology and sensors for signal detection to detect double abnormal signals.

  • The information transmitted by the sensor in NB-IoT, Sub-1GHz, etc. wireless communication is transmitted to the monitoring system through the gateway AP and Ethernet.

  • The collected information is analyzed by real time algorithm.

  • Analyzed information is stored in a database through quantification and quantification.

  • More accurate analysis is possible by analyzing the electrical signals of the piping