PPW-N100 / PPW-G100 module

Wireless communication module for Sub-1GHz ISM-Band

Sub-1GHz ISM-Band wireless communication module for private independent network, providing PPW-N100 Node module and PPW-G100 Gateway module.

Equipped with AES-128 encryption module and supports UART as external interface.

PPW-N100 Node module

√ Low Power
– Wide Supply Voltage Range : 1.8V to 3.8V
– RX : 5.4mA
– TX at +10dBm : 13.4mA
– Standby : 0.7uA (RTC Running and RAM and CPU Retention)

√ RF Section
– Receiver Sensitivity -124dBm Using Long-Range Mode, -110dBm at 50kbps
– Programmable Output Power up to +15dBm
– Differential RF Interface

Part Number Package Body Size
PPW-N100 Semicircular type PAD, 26-Pin 22.0mm x 33.25mm
PPW-G100 Semicircular type PAD, 32-Pin 22.0mm x 45.0mm

PPW-G100 Gateway module

√ Block
– Using TI CC1190 RF Front End to CC1310 Sub-1GHz Wireless MCU
– Up to 27dBm (0.5W) Output Power
– Integrated PA, LNA & Switch

√ Power
– 50-nA in Power Down
– Low Receive Current Consumption
3mA for High-Gain Mode
26uA for Low-Gain Mode

– 2V to 3.7V Operation

Module Datasheet Download